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WPC applications

2013-01-23  Haixing Plastic Indu www.haixing-wpc.com
Tips:Wood-plastic products in the low power consumption of the country played a crucial role, is a recyclable product.

WPC interior doors, baseboard, the whole cabinet, wardrobe, siding, ceiling, decorative wall panels, outdoor flooring, guardrail uprights, steel gazebo, garden fence, balcony rails, Wai garden fence, leisure bench, treerack of pool, flower, flower boxes, air conditioning, air conditioning shields, shutters, road signage, transportation pallets, and so on. Pavilion, Gallery frame.

Wood plastic composite flexible application, any field can be applied to wood processing, is the best environmental protection material to replace wood; the current domestic wood-plastic products R & D and production enterprises are: Shandong, Zouping, Guangzhou mountain three temusu wood, wood, Guangzhou golden green old people can be, Ningbo VEKA, Dongguan green beauty of wood, Jiangsu Ding Lai, Erinishi Mi and wood, Shandong Guoqiang hardware group, Shanghai Sunwood, Ben, Hong ( China ), Shenzhen, Huidong new Grammy Shelton, Ningbo Wo lung manufacturers.

At present, wood-plastic products play an important role in low energy consumption of the country, is a kind of products can be recycled, is widely used in several national project, which in the construction of Beijing Olympic Games in three and wood, Hong ( China ) Shelton, Mak wood, Eastern wood, six wood for Ryo Nhoki Green Olympics made great contributions. In the construction of the Expo in three and wood, Bo Plastic-wood, Mak wood, seven wood enterprise to do what little one can to help the world expo.

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